Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Marriage Between Photography and Fish

Fish keeping and photography go hand in hand. Similar to the same intriguing way peanut butter and chocolate intertwine in an uninterrupted, under the breath.......mmmmm. With fish keeping, it's only a matter of time before a camera is unleashed, sending unsuspecting camera shy fish scattering for their favorite rock cave or bubbling scuba diver. In time, as your brave little troopers get over their understandable shock, an unpredicted new devotion will inevitably take place, bringing in the union of fish keeping and photography.

A new and up coming site has proven there is an interest in these two imaginatively endless hobbies. Fish Photo Forum is a site dedicated to the people too interesting to have just one hobby. The members of the site are passionate for aquatic photography and their pictures show it! Mike McGeoghegan is the founder of this friendly and informative site and goes by his user name, Brookfish. He hails from Co Armagh in Ireland, where the scenery is so breathtaking you simply must take pictures, thus starting his long time affair with photography. He now engages in wedding photography and family portraits. Fish keeping also started early for Mike. Visiting neighbors as a ten year old left him awe struck, propelling him towards his own aquatic endeavors. It was only a matter of time before the two beloved hobbies would join in a marriage producing stunning photos.

Fish Photo Forum members are not all professional photographers. It's members range from seasoned veterans to humble 'throw away' camera owners. As long as it's a non offensive photo, it will be posted. Some members may not even have a goldfish much less own a fish tank. Owning fish is not mandatory as there is a little something for everyone. Besides the photos of fish, there are specified areas for a wide range of other types of photos. Jokes, helpful advise on taking better photos, and miscellaneous chat forums are just a few of the many other topics to keep you logging on till two in the morning.

The next time the boss aggravates you, take a few minutes and check out Brookfish's absolutely free site as a visitor. If the beautiful pictures calm your nerves or one of the funny threads in the jokes forum give you that much needed laugh, keeping you from dumping the water cooler on your boss's lounge chair, then sign up as a member. (also free) Looking forward to seeing you there.